What We Believe (Our Doctrine)

Northwood Church of God is a welcoming gathering of persons seeking to grow in our relationship with God and with all who join with us for worship. We are a non-denominational congregation affiliated with the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana at: www.Jesusisthesubject.org or Ohio Church of God Ministries at:  www.ohchog.org.

While we do not have any “official” belief statement, these core beliefs review the heart of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana, as well as the Northwood Church of God congregation.

Salvation makes us a member of the body of Christ. The church is composed of every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior.

The body of Church is one, united, and present today. We believe that God calls us to live our lives in both unity and peace. With Jesus as our Guide, we believe that love is the key characteristic of the Christian life.

Holiness is God’s standard of life for all Christians. Our desire is to live a pure and godly life as we represent Christ within our world. Our desire is to live our lives as Jesus did, allowing Him to be the authority and Lord of our daily lives. This is evidenced as we love others as God has first loved us.

Our mission is to impact our world and to share the love, life, and forgiveness Jesus offers with as many persons within our community and world as possible. We are called to make disciples for Christ within our world who will then seek to reach others.

We believe in the work of the Holy Spirit who equips us with spiritual gifts to minister within our world today.

We believe that as God has blessed us, we are to become faithful stewards of all that He has provided: our time, our talents, as well as our resources.

The Bible is the inspired, infallible, authoritative Word of God. It is our guide for living.

In the midst of the Church of God, Anderson, Indiana, there is great diversity while still experiencing a strong bond of unity. Within the Northwood Church of God, there is likewise diversity to be found in the midst of loving unity. We are on a common journey called faith in Jesus Christ, seeking to grow in our relationship with Him, as well as with one another. Our passion is to worship, serve, and grow together as a community of believers.